My Review of Children’s Illustrated Chinese Dictionary, Simplified, Hippocrene, Softcover, 94 pages

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Children’s Illustrated Chinese Dictionary,  , Hippocrene, Colorful pictures Labelled with English and Simplified Chinese wordsSimplified Softcover, 94 pages

OK illustrated dictionary

By Taotao’s Mom from Saskatoon, SK on 1/30/2013


3out of 5

Pros: Simple Vocab, Color Images, Limited Vocab

Cons: Limited Vocab, Few Verbs, Uneven Illo Quality, Few Adj And Adverbs

Best Uses: Beginning Readers, Very Beginner Dictionary, Education

Describe Yourself: Elementary chineselearner, Single mom, Adoptive mom

Was this a gift?: No

This is a nice bright large format book with 5-7 words per page. The English words are in bold, and they have pinyin and simplified Chinese. Each word has a color image to explain it. There is no other text (ie part of speech, description, example of use etc). It is a good, clear, simple introduction to basic words for a new learner. It is not overwhelming, but would not be a good reference book to look up words in either Chinese or English, as the vocabulary is so very limited.

The quality of the drawings varies enormously. Some are very rudimentary, some are classic “Dick and Jane” type illustrations, some seem more realistic, some from chinese art?

There are mostly nouns, which can be pictured easily with no explanation: cactus, lamp, village. Some words are outdated like “Eskimo”. There are a very few verbs “to cook, to cry, to whisper, to weigh” and also a very few adjectives and adverbs: “empty, uphill”.

The images are arranged by alphabetical order of english word, and at the back of the book is a list of all the words in pinyin by alphabetical order, with english equivalent (but no simplified or page #)

It is best used for a child or learner to browse through to learn new vocabulary at an easy pace without being overwhelmed.


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