Free 4-wk Trial of ReadingEggs phonics

Reading Eggs headerHi,
we just got this offer (below) from You get a free 4 wk trial instead of their regular 2 wk one, and they donate $2 for children’s cancer research for every new “free trial” member! Big Boy absolutely loves ReadingEggs and will stop dawdling, forgo a bath for a shower etc in order to have time to do it in the evening. We’ve been at it 2-3 nights a week since mid January now, and he’s done the first 40 lessons and still enjoying it as much.

Check out the blog post I did about ReadingEggs here. And then go to to sign up, and add the following access code: SED92VBV

We also have the first level of books (40 lessons) and workbooks and they are wonderful supplemental material.

If you are already using ReadingEggs or another phonics program for your 3-8 yr old, let us know about it!


Thursday 15 April 2010

Dear Wenjonggal,
If you are enjoying ABC Reading Eggs we would love it if you told your friends, with kids in the 3-8 age group, about the program.
For each new unique user who registers on the site by the 30th of April 2010 for a free trial, using the access code below, we will donate $2 to the Children’s Cancer Institute.
The Institute has a fantastic record in doing research that is focussed on improving the chances of children surviving their fight with cancer. The vision of the Institute is to cure 100% of children with cancer through world-class research.
So not only will your friends thank you for helping their kids improve their reading, at no cost for 4 weeks (normal free trial period is only 2 weeks), but you will also be helping a great cause.
Just forward this email on to your friends and family or use the “Tell a Friend” button located on the top left hand side of the parent’s dashboard page.
To access the 4 weeks free trial, simply register at and add the following access code: SED92VBV

Let’s see if we can get the total donation up to $10,000 by the end of the month!

Yours sincerely
Matthew Sandblom
Chief Eggsploring Officer
The website where children learn to read!

Exclusively distributed by Pascal Press


5 responses to “Free 4-wk Trial of ReadingEggs phonics

  1. Thanks for the info! And I wanted you to know that I didn’t have your email, so I left a follow-up comment on my recent post about precocious puberty. I included more info about boys and precocious puberty in that comment, but I wanted to share that I focused on girls in the post simply because research shows that it is five times more likely to occur with girls than with boys. Thanks for your comment and question — I tried to answer it fairly concisely.

  2. I don’t have any little ones in my family that fall in the ReadingEggs age group but my middle grandson is getting close. I’ll keep my eye on this, thanks!

  3. i wish to learn English as soon as posible

  4. Mohammad, I am not sure that Reading Eggs would help anyone learn English. It is for small children learning to read, who already need to understand English, as often it will say “which letter does Horse” start with… etc.

    However, I learn chinese from, and they have a sister site for learning English called Do go check it out.

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