OK, I am officially flabbergasted. I have seen posts before with maybe 100 comments, perhaps sometimes in the chinese adoption community when referrals came out (back in 2006 when thousands of people got referrals every month, not three), there were 150 comments.

But yikes, I just blithely clicked on some BlogHer post title about what some woman wears to go out and The Pioneer Woman gets over 1400 comments in a day or two.

I mean it is a nice top, jeans and boots outfit, but DANG! Does she have three secretaries to read them all, and just pass on the good ones? Inquiring minds want to know!

BTW, it sould be  nice if some of you reading commented sometimes, even just to say “hi!” or “this bored me” or whatnot. Thanks!


17 responses to “Flabbergasted

  1. Hi Wenjonggal ,I love reading your stuff and seeing your pictures! :p

  2. Thanks Richard, you’re sweet! Hope your music’s going well! I’ll try to get another post with pictures up soon. Future topics: Xiao Chien’s “Muddymutts” mud fenders, Big Boy’s balance bike and how it affected him learning to ride a two wheeler, card game to make characters out of chinese radicals, and a review of the eReadbook pen now that we’ve had it a few weeks! later!

  3. Yes, looking forward to the Muddymutts!

    • Well, we’ve had the driest winter/spring on record I think I heard…. I really expected to do the Muddymutts entry when it was all muddy, melting and slushy. I have never seen such an unmuddy unslushy spring in Montreal! But soon!

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  4. I haven’t been reading so much lately – anywhere. The only downside to the WordPress option is that it doesn’t have an effective way to track your favorites 😦

    • Well, it is definitely a downside, though certainly not the only one I have found… I admit I miss Diaryland, and esp the system of showing new posts for favorites. One can sign up to get emails when new posts go up, and also just put a blogroll that one can check, but I do miss the “buddies” we had.

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  5. I read! I just suck at commenting. But I do come out of the woodwork when asked. *grin*

  6. Whoah! 1400 comments!! I really don’t even know what to say to that. Anyways, I always check in too! I love when people comment on my stuff too, so I feel your pain! Keep up the good work! Ni xin ku le!

  7. Always interested in reading about my wee grandson and my daughter. Just don’t know what to add. Love you both!

  8. Always read, rarely comment. That’s all I have to say…

  9. Well, I read Pioneer Woman, but I NEVER comment there, and this must be… what? my second comment here? *g*
    Looking forward to catching up on all my blog reading now that my MIL has gone home…

  10. Bonjour! Yeah, I wish my blog got more comments too. My own mother doesn’t even READ my blog!

    Mom: What’s Griffin been saying lately?
    Moi: If you read my blog you’d already know.
    Mom: Oh, I keep meaning to do that!


    • LOL! Well, I’ve had blogs my mother didn’t read, and nor did I want her too. This one she has a subscription, but I can reassure you we often enact the conversation you repeat here!

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  11. multilingualmania


  12. Haha! Yes, I read that article from the Pioneer Woman, too–but only because it was highlighted in a BlogHer ad.

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