Mom videographer failed again…

Once again I failed to capture Big Boy with my video camera… so often at night I am in my studio just across the hall from his bedroom, and I can hear him singing some song I’ve never heard him sing before, or counting in French or whatnot that I’d love to record.

Tonight was no exception. I heard him saying “Bonjour. Hello. Ni Hao.” Saying something about talking Chinese, and something about talking French, with his teddies. I crept out of my studio, got my camera, and yes, it makes that lovely little chime sound when it turns on. I crept next to his bedroom door anyways and clicked “record” on the video function. Of course it beeped yet again. How does one turn off these sound alerts?

Well, small boys are like wild animals. They can hear the most tiny sounds, and all I got was silence, and then the sound of the wooden chair at the foot end of the bed, near the door where I was crouched in the hallway crashing about. He must have heard me and leaned over the bed onto the chair to get a look into the hall. Foiled.

So once again, no great video footage of him and his developing trilingualism. But I heard it. Yes I did!


2 responses to “Mom videographer failed again…

  1. hello,
    just curious if you saw diane sawyer’s china report tonight on ABC? it is a 4 or 5 part series. i thought of you and big boy!
    – link below

  2. Hi Shelly, thanks for the link! No, we don’t watch tv here (well I hooked up the rabbit ears with tin foil and wiggled it around so I could watch some of the olympics in china, and Obama’s inauguration!)… and don’t have cable tv either.

    But that is very interesting about China pushing English. I am a bit boggled by the (very few) comments there, where instead of americans seeing it as “gee, maybe WE should pull up our britches and learn a second language too, to compete on the global market, if the Chinese can do it…” but rather” ooo! Jobs for us teaching English (a few but if the english teacher can’t speak any Chinese, but the Chinese can speak Chinese, English, French etc… then the English teachers will be Chinese people, not Americans: our adoption guides in China were Chinese who had studied in the US, Britain, and France..), great service for American tourists (so important) and “if they can learn English in China, why can’t the bloody immigrants learn English here in America?”.

    So wrong-headed. I would say that several billion highly educated, motivated, bilingual Chinese people would be a pretty strong economic threat, while the Americans blather on about “oh good, I can order a coke on a chinese beach without having to learn a few phrases in a second language”. Yup.

    When I was adopting in China, soooo many people were dying to practice their English, and after school, the educational store we were in, in Zhengzhou Henan, was flooded with primary school students whose English wasn’t bad at all… and that is before this initiative.

    Provincial monolingual Americans… watch out! 🙂
    I think it is cool. Thanks again!

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