Fun Language Learning Crafts!

I just stumbled across some great language-learning crafts on blogs: a make-your-own language-bingo with changeable/interchangeable bingo cards, and Word Family Eggs.

The first reminds me of our beloved Kingko game. You cut out images from magazines, and then make 9-image bingo cards out of them that you can switch about, and make bingo cards to call out, that have written words on them. Instructions here at

And the Word Family Eggs is just one of the “Weekly Unplugged Project” submissions of other bloggers. This one uses those plastic two-part eggs that are sold everywhere this time of year what with Easter on the horizon. Glue single starting letters around one edge, and a two letter (vowel+consonant) combo on the other edge: you can rotate the egg halves to form new words to read. I can see doing this in Chinese. One could put a common radical on one side, and different radicals that combine with that radical to form new characters. Or alternately, put a common character on one side, and more characters it can combine with on the other side, to form new chinese words. Very easy and quick and inexpensive! Check out the Word Family Eggs at Livingandlearningnow Blog.

I got to these fun blogs via the wonderful blog entry on Raising Bilingual Kids at which is super worth reading! Check it out!


3 responses to “Fun Language Learning Crafts!

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  2. These are really great links!!! Thanks!!

  3. Drat! All the empty plastic easter eggs this year seem to be hinged and not two parts that one could twist to match up different words. Anyone find the two-halves kind?

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