Support bilingualism: sign this petition

It turns out that people elsewhere are capable of surprising me, here in Quebec with our French language laws, and mandated French schooling, with their rabidity against other languages.

It turns out that a secretary (who was hired for her bilingualism) has been ordered by the principal of a school NOT to translate into Spanish for the parents of a 7 yr old student who was allegedly sexually molested by someone at school. The secretary persisted in translating anyways for the Hispanic parents, and was terminated for violating the principal’s English-Only policy.

I guess purity of the English language in the states is much more important than sexual abuse of primary school students, so much so that people lose their jobs over it. (or perhaps the principal was hoping that with no one to understand the parent’s accusation of sexual harrassment, nothing would come to light???)

Anyways, the secretary is Ana Ligia Mateo, and it is the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district. currently has started a petition targeting Dr. Peter C. Gorman (Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District Superintendent) and LaTarzja Henry (District Executive Director of Communications), asking them to remove the English-Only rule. I sincerely hope that they will also reinstate the secretary, AND get to the bottom of the sexual abuse issue asap.

Please go sign the petition. I did.

Thanks to for pointing this out.

5 responses to “Support bilingualism: sign this petition

  1. multilingualmania

    Thanks for the mention!! Thanks for supporting the cause! It never ceases to surprise us, either!

  2. Hello, I found this wonderful blog thanks to a link on twitter from @mandmx ( I didn’t sign the petition because I’m not Canadian, though I visit Montreal at least once a year. I am constantly amazed at the trilingual (even quadrilingual, if you count both Mandarin and Cantonese) servers in Chinatown restaurants.

    I call your attention to this news item about the attempt to create a Chinese language program in California’s San Gabriel Valley (famous for its large Chinese population and fine Chinese restaurants). It shows what ridiculuous extremes xenophobic opponents of bilingualism can go to in their own thinking and in their actions.

    • Hi, thanks, I’ll look at the article.
      And thanks for your kind words about my blog.

      But I really wish that re petitions, people would read what they are about… it is a petition in the US about a woman who lost her job in the States, so being Canadian or not should not enter into it. Actually, though it is in the US, I signed it and pointed out that people across the globe are hearing about this job dismissal… like Amnesty International, petitions that are open to signers across the globe probably have MORE impact than less, if people who do not live in the immediate area sign and comment. It brings to the attention of those it is petitioning, that it is not a tiny isolated case, but rather has attracted international disapproval. That said, if you are American, Canadian or other, please sign the petition. Thankyou!

  3. Done. Pardon my oversight, but in these days of information overload I’ve formed the habit of trying to pick up cues as fast as possible. A quick reading of your first paragraphed suggested that it QC issue and my eye didn’t travel any farther.

    • T’s OK! Just you’re not the first one to not sign this petition as they didn’t read: though the others were on Facebook… one said she couldn’t sign since she was American and another because they were Canadian! Can’t win! But yes, that is why I don’t write newspaper stories… for those one needs to have all the pertinent info in the first line, not use a distant anecdote as a lead-in. !! Thanks for signing! 😀

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