Price List for Touch Reading Pen

Well, the good people at have said it is fine I share with you the price for their Touch Reading Pen Starter Kit and their Special Offers (Starter Kit bought together with various book sets). It isn’t on their website in English yet. So, here it is: Touch Reading Pen Cdn price list (52kb Word Doc) To order, email order @

You might want to hold off ordering until I post that I have bought a set myself (waiting on funds!). I will post my registration # here and everyone quoting it will get a $10 credit towards your purchase. BTW All prices in Cdn. For more information, look at my previous post on eReadbook and the Touch Reading Pens, the “Canadian Update”, and also the website.


3 responses to “Price List for Touch Reading Pen

  1. That is cool they are giving your readers a discount! Way to take one for the team!

  2. price touch reading pen?
    I want to distribute touch reading pen in Viet Nam.
    About 100 pen /months.

  3. That’s a very nice information for learner or reader.

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