A fun chinese online test game!

OK, if you are at any level of chinese beyond newbie, check out this online game that tests your knowledge of Chinese!:
WatchtoLearn Chinese Game
. And don’t blame me if you get stuck for a couple hours!

It offers many different formats with multiple choice answers, from audio that you must then pick the correct characters or english translation, to characters that you must pick the right pinyin, to pinyin that you must chose the right English etc. You get 10 points for every right answer, and lose 10 for an incorrect answer. If you get four correct in a row, they give you 20 points! The points add up quickly. See if you can beat yourself from one time to the next.

I admit that the multiple choices are often not so challenging, in that they vary a lot. If they varied by only one or three words, or differentiating between past and present tense for instance, it would be harder. But as it is, it is at a great level for me. I am rewarded for taking educated guesses, and learn a lot of new words and phrases as a result (when you answer, they give the correct answer and translation, instead of just saying right or wrong).

My nemesis is when they give the characters and then four identical pinyin choices with different tones. I am just horrid when it comes to remembering tones, though strangely I am not bad at picking them out when I hear spoken words (can fairly accurately jot down pinyin with the right tone when someone says a new word).

Go ahead and try it out! Let me know how you do. What are you best and worst at?


4 responses to “A fun chinese online test game!

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  2. Oh, my lands… what an amazing site. Although you were right – it IS a time-suck. But what else am I gonna do while snowed in?

    Let’s see… I was absolutely the worst at the fill-in-the-blank character ones, because I really had to know almost every character in the sentence, as well as the four options. Yeah. So not there yet. Everything else was pretty much on my level. I found it easiest to translate the characters into English or pinyin.

    Thanks so much for the link! I loved it!

  3. Found this site by chance while searching for other games stuff. I will be checking in from time to time to see whats going on. Thanks

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