Golden Valley splash suit update

Well, on Saturday it was drippy wet outside in the snow. Excellent for making snowmen and digging around in puddles of muck, so we put on the new blue Golden Valley splash suit (see previous post). Here it is on Big Boy:

Golden Valley splashsuit front

Golden Valley splash suit front view

Golden Valley splashsuit back

Golden Valley splash suit rear view

Golden Valley splashsuit side

Golden Valley splash suit side view

Golden Valley splashsuit bending over

Golden Valley splash suit bending over

Golden Valley splashsuit front with zipper

Zipper visible down front of splash suit

It is a size 6 (the size 5 was very small… the same size as his 4T MEC Newt Suit). Big Boy is about 105 cm tall, and this has the bottom hem rolled under about 4 inches (there is a nice mix of metric and imperial for you!), and you can see it fits over his LL Bean Kahtadin 4T snowsuit quite nicely, and still lots of room to bend and grow.

Unfortunately, like all inexpensive waterproof rain/splash suits, it keeps in the sweat. Here are a couple photos of the condensation both on the outside of the snowsuit (red) and the inside of the splash suit hood (blue). But I would rather hang up a snowsuit to dry a bit inside, than have him crying wet and cold outside when ice water and filthy mud and slush soak into his winter clothes. If he is sweating like that, it is because he is warm warm warm!

Snowsuit condensation

Condensation on snowsuit worn under splash suit

Splash suit condensation

Condensation inside splash suit hood

Sorry, it was dark outside (yes it is still getting dark before 5pm here), so no photos of it in action in the snow yet!

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